Trusting Your Intuition

A Guided Meditation in Coming Home

Start by settling into your comfortable meditative position & dropping into the space of Presence, the space of awareness, peace & knowing. Surrender to that space and rest in it for some time…

If you are early in your practice of meditation and this feels strange, don’t despair! You are on a journey of finding and honoring your truth, which may be different each day. Invite yourself to be where you are and experiment with what’s available in the moment.

Notice if there are voices pulling you away. If so, acknowledge and honor them for showing up and gently ask if they would step back for the moment to allow you the space to just “be.” If they’re willing, thank them and return to the space of Presence. Register what it feels like to be there.

Bring your awareness to the gentle, nurturing feeling of resting safely in this sacred space, the sensations in your body, the quiet of your mind, the knowing of your soul.

Ask yourSelf, “What is true in this moment?”

Wait for clarity. If it doesn’t come, keep resting in the sacred space of Presence with yourSelf. It may not be time yet. If you receive a clear message, let it float there with you for some time.

Invite yourSelf to be free of response to whatever comes up. There may be voices that may come up and ascribe value to the clarity or try to make sense of it. You can again acknowledge them, honor them for showing up to help you, and invite them to step back so you can feel what it is to know this Truth without their input.

Continue to rest with this Truth in your Presence. Register what it feels like to KNOW this to be true, again bringing your awareness to the nourishing feelings and sensations throughout your body.

When you open your eyes and come back to engaging with this world, carry that knowing with you. Ground yourself in each moment with the feeling of Truth. Trust yourSelf. Let this be your North Star when you are scared or angry.

Give yourself the gift of coming “home,” of trusting and surrendering to what is True for you.

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