The Spectrum of Escape

This is your unique journey. You are the best person to discover what will work for you and what won’t, what will help you feel safe and empowered as you travel this path. You’ve probably heard people say, “It gets better with time,” but again – HOW?! What we do while we grieve can accelerate or decelerate the healing process. Finding out what specific steps you can take to meet your unique needs can make all the difference in how you experience the journey.

Trying to change what you’re thinking and feeling is a perfectly natural response to the distress and discomfort of Grief. The Spectrum of Escape is made up of the actions that you take to avoid, resist, numb and distract yourself from the negative experiences you’re having. Although each is an attempt to find ways to make yourself feel better, they typically don’t serve their intended purpose, because the thoughts & feelings don’t go away. None of the actions change the reality of what’s happening inside, and peace remains elusive. Eventually, you realize you’ve wandered down the path of “doing” to prevent yourself from “being.” So, what to do instead?!

Transformational Grief invites deep healing through the inexorable pain of loss. It is a calling to embrace your experience and explore the many different ways to grieve. Some prefer to navigate grief on their own or in the privacy of their intimate relationships, while others reach out for guidance and support to help them navigate and process everything that comes up. Whatever your style of grief may be, the list of resources can support you in discovering the best path forward for YOU.

If you find yourself in the midst of The Spectrum of Escape and wish to move into a Transformational Grief Journey, the support and guidance of a counselor and/or community can be an effective tool to release yourself into the healing that Grief invites. For more on Transformational Grief, reach out for your complimentary consultation, visit our Resources page, and follow Voyages on social media.

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