Remembering Well

Earlier this year, I met a gentleman on the other side of the States, who started a company called Souls Remembered: Obituaries & Visual Life Stories. Like everything meaningful, there was an inspiring personal story to his journey. He graciously shared how his loss and grief transformed into work that helps families honor their loved ones in a beautiful, mindful and caring way. The connection between life and loss is obvious, but the connection between loss and life is sometimes missed. Here’s the story of how Joe turned his grief into a gift…

Turning Loss into Happiness – 2020 was a tough year for many. For Joseph Peter, founder of Souls Remembered, it was no different. Starting with the loss of his nephew and mother-in-law in the early months, Joseph lost his best friend, his American Bulldog after 10 short years. Joseph’s partner at Souls Remembered, Dee-Ann also experienced the loss of two beloved pets in a short span of time. While searching for a way to memorialize those lost loved ones, Joseph found that there weren’t many options available. Those that he did find just didn’t seem to meet his expectations.

With a background in tech, Joseph set out to develop a more modern way for people to create a lasting memory for those whom they have lost. “We want to provide a safe, beautiful and easy-to-use way for families to create that last, special memory of their loved one”, says Joseph. By harnessing the power of today’s technology and the vast networking potential of social media and email, Souls Remembered has accomplished what they set out to do.

Visual Life Stories – Your memories are therapeutic. They help you to deal with your loss. Creating a Visual Life Story is a great coping tool to have available. It can be utilized during those last weeks of a loved one’s life to bring the family close and to bring smiles and happiness in the wake of loss. Reminiscing of special times in their life with loved ones, weddings, birthdays, graduations, etc., all come together to tell a story of a person’s life and how they lived it and what made them the unique person they were.

Obituaries – Keeping your information safe is a priority. When you have a Souls Remembered obituary created, you are in control of your information, who sees it and how it is delivered. When criminals seek out their next victim in the newspaper obituaries, you won’t be there to be a target. Our modern and safe Obituaries are attractive to look at and are available for up to 30 days. You also have the option of converting the Obituary into a Visual Life Story, if you decide you want to. Visual Life Stories are created and hosted on our servers for 4 years and can be easily extended, if desired.

Easy To Use – Creating something that is easy to understand, and use was a top priority for us. We realize that there is a lot going on during the last days or weeks of someone’s life. Souls Remembered has created a system that is as easy as filling out a form, attaching some images and clicking a submit button. What really makes our process special is that you can call us or email us with any questions you may have, and we will always be available to assist. You will never go through the process alone.

Safety – You will have the option of making your Obituary or Visual Life Story public or Private on our site. What that means for you is if you want to keep your page private, we will flag the page so it will not show up on our site if someone searches the name. If you are OK with it being available to the public, we can make your page public and it will show up in search results. Again, you have control over your data.

Visit Souls Remembered – We invite you to visit our website and take a look around. We also offer Visual Life Stories for veterans as well as pets. There you will find a little more about us and who we designed this service for. We hope you will consider one of our services when the time comes. You will find that it will help you in the grieving process. Losing someone is never easy and at Souls Remembered we understand. We want to be there to help you organize and create a loving memory that will be yours to share for years to come.

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